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The Hay-Adams Hotel, Washington DC

February 2019 Visit

Annual Visits Every February, June & October

Friday, 15th February

Steed Cell Phone: (480) 381 0113

Steed has been visiting Washington DC for some years now and visit 3 times per year, using the Hay-Adams Hotel as they base since their first visit.

What if you could have the finest, English made custom suit, crafted by the finest Bespoke Tailors in Savile Row, London – without having to travel beyond Washington DC?


Savile Row’s own Steed Tailors recognised that many of their refined clients were from across the pond in the USA, and as such, decided to make things easier on their American friends by creating a unique experience from within their own cities, a handful of times per year.

Steed specialises in creating custom, bespoke suits and attire that are:

Savile Row | Steed Bespoke Tailor  Custom designed unique to each Gentlemen Savile Row | Steed Bespoke Tailor
Savile Row | Steed Bespoke Tailor Fitted to complement each Gentlemen’s shape, personal style & tastes Savile Row | Steed Bespoke Tailor
Savile Row | Steed Bespoke Tailor Hand fitted and hand sewn with only the highest quality fabrics using carefully perfected Savile Row Tailoring techniques Savile Row | Steed Bespoke Tailor

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“I’ve always prided myself on my appearance – and I know there’s no other suit out there that compares to my bespoke suit made for me, personally by Matthew & Edwin at Steed Tailors. They’re world class experts in tailoring and I know I won’t have my suits made anywhere else. The fact they come out to the U.S. so often is an added bonus!”

Paulie Malignaggi –

Two-Weight World Champion & Showtime/SkySports Boxing Analyst

Steed offers a choice of:

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