Steed would like to announce a current promotion that will will be running for the forseeable future called “Build a Wardrobe”.

This promotion consists of three levels and is designed around the concept that we believe every man should have a basic wardrobe and then to eventually develop your wardrobe in the future.

Whilst we understand this can be initially expensive, especially in the world of bespoke tailoring, we would like to give our great customers the benefit of developing their own wardrobes whilst eliminating some of the initial costs through this promotion.


Level One:

The basic 3-Piece or 2-Piece suit
One blazer or sport coat
Pair of odd trousers.

We feel this is the basic that most men should have, a suit for either business or for special events and then a nice blazer or sports coat to wear out on an evening which can be worn more casual with a pair of jeans or smartened up with a pair of odd trousers such as grey worsted flannels or a nice khaki pair of trousers.


Level One Prices

3-Piece Option  £5,463 (Usually £6070)
2-Piece Option – £4,928 (Usually £5475

Level Two:

additional Overcoat which we feel is essential for those cold winters.


Level Two Prices

3-Piece Option £7,718 (Usually £8770)
2-Piece Option – £7,194 (Usually £8175)

Level Three:

All of the above plus a Dinner Suit for those more formal black-tie events.

Some may feel that a dinner suit is an unnecessary expense, when in relation to how many times you might wear it throughout the year. However, we hope with this promotion it makes it more appealing.


Level Three Prices

3-Piece Option for both suits – £10,396 (Usually £12,230)
One 3-Piece Suit & 2-Piece Suit – £9,979 (Usually £11,740)
2-Piece Options for both suits – £9,474 (Usually £11,145)



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