Nicholas Templeman – Bespoke Shoe Maker


In a corner of Central London, hidden away from the relentless animation of the city, Nicholas Templeman’s bespoke workshop creates some of the finest made to measure footwear you will find today.



Every pair of shoes Nicholas produces is entirely hand crafted, using techniques passed down through generations of masters of the renowned West End tradition and made exclusively from the highest grade of materials, attentively examined throughout to ensure that all aspects satisfy my own exacting standards.

Nicholas was trained by John Lobb in London’s West End, where he worked as a Lastmaker & Fitter. During his time there he was given the responsibility of travelling throughout the USA and Europe as a representative, his skills benefiting from the unparalleled position of serving a far reaching clientele and a personal customer base including noted actors and musicians, royalty and industry leaders among a diverse range of patrons, each one with their own unique requirements to be met.


Within the industry Nicholas has earned the reputation as a craftsman of the highest order, producing consistently excellent and gracefully executed work. Nicholas states his reasoning for forming his own company as, “To allow myself the ability to fully express my flair as a craftsman, my understanding of the possibilities available only through the bespoke process, and to offer a service to my customers as personalised as their shoes should be. My aim is to provide every customer with footwear as unique as those entrusting me with their commission; reflecting the character of not only the person who made them, but equally the one who wears them.”


Our Collaboration



Our collaboration with Nicholas is one of mutual admiration for each others fine work and will see Steed making his clothes whilst Nicholas will be making bespoke shoes for both Matthew & Edwin.

We’re going to be documenting the process of Steed creating Nicholas’ first commission with us and Matthew’s first pair of Templeman Bespoke shoes via our blog, Steed’s View in early 2016.

April 2016 may also see both Matthew, Edwin and Nicholas traveling to New York City together, forming a one stop shop for all of your sartorial needs. their commission; reflecting the character of not only the person who made them, but equally the one who wears them.”

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