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Forums & Blogs

A list of our favourite and most trusted forums & blogs that we would like to share with you.

For those of you who haven’t come across The London Lounge before, it is a Forum “dedicated to the discussion of the Bespoke Arts”. To quote from the site it’s self.

It’s founder Michael Alden has managed to bring together many Artisans of the world of Bespoke and the general public who take a keen interest in the wonderful world of Bespoke Artistry or just want to learn more about it and whether or not they should delve into it. Also with features on Sartorial vacations and Elegant living, where members discuss the finer things in life.

StyleForum is similar to The London Lounge, in respect of discussions on Men’s fashion etc. However exchanges can get a little heated between members and perhaps is a little bit more toungue-in-cheek.  Unlike The London Lounge, where things are much more reserved in their views. StyleForm is a fun forum and there are some very knowledgebale members on there but things can get a little play-ground like at times but don’t let that put you off! The section Men’s Style – Men’s Fashion – is the section which applies mostly for all things tailoring.

VoxSartoria  is a fun website which is a hobby of a friend/customer of ours from Boston who is a prominant member on StyleForum. It is an assortment of things varying from photo’s to videos on a range of subjects that tend to do with men’s style & fashion.

Die Workwear is a men’s fashion and style blog and in the words of the creator Derek Guy, “about classic men’s clothing and style, particularly as it pertains to tailored clothing”.

Bespokewrinkles is a blog written by a long-time Steed customer and bespoke enthusiast that explores the finer points of classical menswear. Using photographs and illustrations, the author covers subject matters that are often unsatisfactorily explained by other blogs.

Ivory Tower Style presents the sartorial ruminations and experimentations of its creator, also known as unbelragazzo on StyleForum.

An English lifestyle companion blog written by Maria for women in their midlife to brighten and inspire through humour, compassion and honesty. Passion fruit, paws and peonies focuses on the positive and aims to help bring out the optimist in everyone. Some things you might like to know about Maria:  1) She wants to eat her way around the world 2) She considers her dogs among her best friends 3) She prefers laughter over tears but laughter through tears is still wonderful.