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True English Bespoke In Palm Beach

Custom Tailored Suits straight from Savile Row for the Palm Beach Gentleman

Worn By:

Paulie Malignaggi

Aaron Ramsey

Darren Barker

Darren Clarke

Why have custom – when you could have bespoke?

All suits are not created equally.

If you want a suit that does not just “fit”, but is hand crafted expertly for you, nothing will ever come close to a true bespoke suit.

True bespoke goes so much further than custom tailoring – bespoke garments are handcrafted by top level tailors (known as “expert cutters”) who personally guide you through the process and expertly advise on everything from weights of materials to complementary cuts and how the garment will ultimately move with your frame.

The suit that results? 

One that not only fits better than any other, but has also been expertly tailored to make you look better than you ever thought you could.

Savile Row in London is famed worldwide as offering the gold standard in bespoke – and now you don’t have to travel to across the Atlantic to commission your very own Savile Row bespoke suit.

Steed are personally travelling to Palm Beach three times this year to offer you Savile Row bespoke tailoring more conveniently than ever.


Your initial appointment will last around an hour and is pre-booked for a time that suits you. 

During this time Edwin and Matthew will discuss with you what style you would like, what kind of garment you are interested in commissioning, which occasion it might be worn for and follow with suggested cuts, cloths and linings for you to choose from. Finally, they will take a full set of measurements and figuration details.

Steed recommend booking as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment – Edwin and Matthew will only be in Palm beach for a few days at a time and as such appointments are sadly limited.

Steed worn by

Steed have had the pleasure of working with some fine gentlemen since establishing in 1995. Here are just a couple of our most recent famous faces that we tailor for.

darren barker steed tailor bespoke suit

Darren Barker, World Champion Boxer

"Over the years Steed have created incredible bespoke and semi-bespoke outfits for me to wear, such as in the lead up to my World Title win, with my most special commission being for my wedding day. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Savile Row suit."

paulie malignaggi steed tailors suit london

Paulie Malignaggi, World Champion Boxer

“I’ve always prided myself on my appearance – and I know there’s no other suit out there that compares to my bespoke suits made for me, personally by Matthew & Edwin at Steed Tailors. They’re world class experts in tailoring and I know I won’t have my suits made anywhere else. The fact they come out to the U.S. so often is an added bonus!”