Our Made To Measure suits are cut and constructed to your specific measurements and requirements allowing you to select the style, fabric and personal details. These suits are tailored using many of the traditional Savile Row methods usually associated with bespoke suits and take about 6 to 7 weeks to make. They are straight finished without a basted fitting, such is the case with our Bespoke. However we always like to see the finished suit on each customer and any alterations that are needed are then done “In House” in England.

The cut is crucial in creating an elegant suit that will leave an impression and our cut has been developed to create a flattering appearance, whilst still adhering to the general principles of Savile Row and to reflect our soft, draped bespoke suits as mentioned in the House Style. As well as suits we make Tail, Morning & Overcoats.

One advantage, Steed Made to Measure suits have over other Made to Measure (MTM) services, is that either Edwin or Matthew will measure you. Both of whom are Savile Row Cutters, highly trained in detailing subtle figuration details, combined with the 30-40 measurements to be taken, rather than being measured by a sales person who has only been shown how to take basic measurements.

Both Edwin and Matthew also have a lot of input regarding pattern manipulation which they relay directly to the Tailors in the European-based factory to make sure the fit is comparable to our bespoke.




Prices start from

£950 for a two-piece suit  |  £1200 for a three-piece suit  |  £700 for a sports coat or blazer.




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