To have your commission crafted by Steed, first you will have an appointment with Edwin or Matthew, Savile Row cutters and the owners of Steed. No two appointments are booked at the same time – so you will always have their undivided attention when creating your clothes.

Here they will walk you through exactly what to expect during your appointment and add some tips so you can make the most of your experience.

Our appointments are designed to be an enjoyable and exciting experience – whether you’re there to get a new sports coat or your complete bespoke three-piece wedding suit -drawing from their wealth of knowledge and experience.

1. Design & Style Consultation

Your appointment will begin with an informal, friendly chat over a cup of tea or coffee. We’ll ask you what you’re looking for, what styles you like and what occasion your commission is for.

If you have a particular idea in mind it may be useful to bring along images, although this is by no means vital. You may find it helpful to look to our gallery or Instagram account for inspiration.

2. Create your design

Once we have a good understanding of your commission requirements, we will show you fabrics carefully selected from a vast array of the finest UK & Italian-made fabrics.

You will be able to see the fabrics in different lights and handle them personally so you can feel the weight and textures. It’s important to do this in person, as photos on screens can be deceptive concerning colour, shades, and texture.

If you have something particular in mind we recommend sending photos or ideas to us before the appointment so we can ensure you get the most out of your appointment.

3. Measurements & Figuration

Edwin or Matthew will personally take over thirty different measurements and detailed figuration notes during your appointment to ensure your suit not only fits but emphasises your physique.

Once we have your measurements and figuration on file, you can order bespoke or Made-To-Measure from us in the future, without even coming into the showroom.

Matthew is always happy to personally post out fabric swatches from which you can peruse at your own leisure.