Cilla was an English singer, actress and entertainer when she first came on to the scenes at the age of 20. Cilla White was the name starting to lift off; but Cilla’s Producers had a better idea. They decided she needed a better stage name just before her career was about to really lift off and they ended up changing her surname from “White” to “Black, “Cilla White” was now “Cilla Black” and that was the spark of what would become a wonderful career.
Cilla, championed by her friends the Beatles, began her career as a singer in 1963, and her singles “Anyone Who Had a Heart” and “You’re My World” both reached number one in the UK in 1964.

Apart from her glittering career, she was instrumental in the opening of “Nutters” on Savile Row on the 14th February 1969  and along with her beloved “Bobby” (who shortly after became her husband) and Peter Brown an American-based English businessman who helped found and serve as a board member of Apple Corps, assuming Epstein’s duties after the manager’s death.
Sadly, Tommy Nutter is no longer with us but Edward Sexton who started with Tommy, is still going strong with a thriving business.

They all put up around £5000 to help start the venture, which shook up the “Row” with their sharp shoulders, generous wide lapels and the fact they were the first tailors in the Row to have a dressed window with a jacket on a Mannequin.

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Everyone here at Steed would also like to “tip their hat” to a true style icon and the inspiration behind the name of the company, Patrick Macnee who sadly passed away aged 93, on June 25, 2015, in California, United States.

Patrick famously played the role of “John Steed” in the Avengers during the 1960’s & again in the late 70’s. It ran for eight seasons and continued in syndication for decades afterward.

This remains to be the most memorable role Macnee ever played and he will always be remembered as the Stylish and Cool Secret Agent “John Steed”. We would like to think he’d appreciate our work after being voted “best dressed man” numerous times, himself.

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