With the flights and hotels booked for our fast approaching June trip to the U.S and the thought of those hot & humid days in the likes of Houston, Washington DC & New York City, I came to the conclusion that a new summer suit is definitely needed….

In my summer collection I currently boast a fantastic Bespoke Sport Coat made from the Portofino bunch by Huddersfield Fine Worsteds which is 100% Bamboo. It’s a great alternative to linen as its more crease resistant, has a softer handle and still wears nice and cool.

Savile Row | Steed Bespoke Tailors

Bamboo Sports Coat

I also have a Light Grey 3-Piece Steed MTM suit made from the Smith’s Finamersco. I’ve had this for a couple of years now and it cemented Fresco’s as my favourite summer suiting fabric. 10oz and with the fresco weave it’s very crease resistant for a lighter cloth which is perfect considering the amount of time I spend on Airplanes & in Taxi’s getting to and from the seven cities we visit on our tours.

summer suit made from Smiths Finamersco

My current summer suit made from Smiths Finamersco

So bearing in mind that I’m a firm believer in these fresco cloths I saw no alternative when looking through all of our summer suit cloth options. This time opting for the Fresco II made by Huddersfield Fine Worsterds. It’s a little more coarse than the finer Smiths Finamersco which should only add to its durability. It was a straight toss up between two fabrics from this Fresco bunch. The 0533, a solid Dark Navy and the 0571 a traditional Navy Blue with a lovely subtle box check and after much deliberation I went for the 0571 you can see below.

HFW Fresco II - 0571

Cloth choice for my new summer suit – HFW Fresco II – 0571

Style wise I’ve opted for a Single Breasted, 2 Button jacket with Side Vents, Flapped Out Ticket Pocket & also a “One Piece Back” as not to disrupte the checked pattern. I’m going to be cutting my generous 4 1/4″ notch lapels with a nice amount of belly which is now my go to styling for my own lapels. Finished with brown horn buttons like all my other blue suits. I never wear black shoes, always brown plus it gives me the versatility of using this jacket as a Summer Blazer.

This versatility is needed considering how much time it takes to convince Dad I need to make myself another bespoke suit or jacket…Therefore making an additional summer blazer may be pushing my luck!

Trousers will be pretty standard baring a slight twist….Double pleats, 1 3/4″ Cuffs, no back pockets but…without a waistband. This is something we have made for a couple of customers recently on both coasts of the U.S. A style made famous by Fred Astaire of which I love the look, plus it’s something you can only get by going bespoke!

Example of a one piece pair of trousers with no waistband.

Example of a pair of Steed one piece bespoke trousers with no waistband.

The waistcoat will be an elegant Double Breasted waistcoat, which may sound strange for a summer suit but if it’s really that hot then I’m just going to be wearing the suit as either a 2-Piece or wear the waistcoat alone and ditch the jacket.

I’m going to be cutting this myself late next week so keep a look out for photos and video on this via our Twitter & Instagram accounts @SteedTailors